Sushi Lunch Special

The first time I had sushi I remember a poster on the wall of the modest Nashville hole in the wall joint I would come to frequent reading “Sushi, The Edible Art.”

It’s true, it really is. I almost feel guilty eating something so dainty, so elegant, so refined….that is until the first piece goes smoothly down. Then all manners are cast aside and it’s a free for all. I can’t eat it fast enough. There is something irresistible about the combination of oily fish, sticky rice, crunch vegetables, and salty soy sauce. Each single bite is a burst of competing flavors that come together to form the single most perfect example of cohesion in food. I love sushi lunch specials. $8.50 for two rolls, miso soup, and a side salad. 8 dollars expertly spent.

I ordered an avocado peanut role and a white tuna cucumber roll. The white tuna was mild, light, and easily digested. The peanut avocado roll was bold, savory, and creamy. Together this was quite a pair and I did not share. I ate them all. one by one. then I stole bites of Chris’s crunchy shrimp and eel. We both wished for more.

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