A Right Nice Sparkle

Fact: when life hands you a Le Creuset casserole dish you make (almost) vegan mac n cheese.

And at the very end you throw in some feta because who says you have to be one thing or the other, why not do both!

You better believe we celebrated Cinco de Mayo, crafto de mayo style!

Beth, Celia, Chris and I sat around our living room floor amidst a big pile of goodies and created until our hiney’s could take hard wood no more.

Lucky for us there was a cookie intermission. Hello whole wheat chocolate chip oatmeal yum yums. I used the same recipe from the Joy of Cooking as last week, subbing in dried prunes for a bit of flavor difference. Same recipe, different cookie texture, just as delicious. Oh baking, how you perplex me!

I am still finding glitter all over our apartment. Luckily I never minded myself a right nice sparkle.

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