Mustache Gala

Last night I was whisked away by my sweet fiancee to an undisclosed location to take part in a shower for the bride i.e. a party for ME!

It was quite the exciting event as a normal sunday in my life involved breakfast for dinner in my pi’s in front of the t.v…..certainly not a get gussied up and hit the town kind of evening on the regular.

My best friends here in the city (hell, in the world) threw me the party [Thanks Cristina, Sarah, and Gwen!] Complete with a customized menu, table games, a gift exchange, and yes, you guessed it, mustache props, this was one of those rare events I couldn’t have planned better myself. It’s as if my friends can read my mind.

Of course I was having so much fun I neglected to take amazing photos but you know I am not the least bit ashamed. Sometimes its best to abandon the technology and just live it. Y’all, I was in it, every single bit of it. From the questions games, to the toasts, to the unwrapping of much too fancy presents, to the tasting and discussing of the food, it was a mustached good time I will never ever forget. 

The red beet tartare with fresh goat cheese, the warm lentil salad with tomato compote and roasted veggies, and the banana peanut butter chocolate mousse, oh yes, Plein Sud’s food is worth the wait.

I went to bed with happy tears in my eyes and woke up feeling like the belle of the ball.


3 thoughts on “Mustache Gala

  1. Oh Sarah, what dear friends. I wish I could have been there surrounded by all your friends and the Belle of the Ball. I have happy tears too!

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