Center Stage

Most of the time I am pretty happy just slipping by, you know living out the days the way I see fit but without much attention to myself. I do what needs to be done and keep going.

But sometimes I like GLORY. I like spotlights and cat calls and rounds of boisterous applause. There are times when I want to be celebrated. A) Birthday
B) Anniversary
C) When I cook something perfectly
D) When my beauty is just so overpowering people can’t help but comment
E) When I win special awards and prizes for that gooey stuff inside my head-my brain!

Last night was an E on the list of “Reasons to Scream ‘Sarah Buchanan Rules’ on repeat”
College draws to a close. It’s been one hell of a 4 year ride. I came out older, wiser, and smarter. And I have a plaque to prove it. I won the African History Departmental award for scholastic achievement in my line of study. There, I said it. It’s out there.

I think I can hear the cheering from here.

When do you like being praised?


One thought on “Center Stage

  1. Sarah, You never cease to amaze me. You deserve much applause and cheer. I wish I had been there when you received this award, because I know how hard you worked and how many tears you shed. You never gave up. I don’t think you have “give up” in you.
    I like being praised-all the time about everything I do.

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