Monkey See, Monkey Do

That’s one beautiful pie-the piles of melted pepperjack cheese, the wilted spinach, the sprinkling of feta. I know, you’re expecting me to tell you all about how I made it, the steps to take, the insider’s tips, the nitty gritty.

Brace yourselves, it was not I who crafted this pizza fit for kings. It was Chris (who was featured in The Wall Street Journal Style this week), my star pupil. You see, I went on a girls night date and left him to fend for himself. God bless his soul-this usually translates to pb and j’s and string cheese. Imagine my surprise when I arrived home to a clean kitchen, the lingering smell of melting cheese, and a camera full of pictures of a pizza I did not consume. It was a dream come true. My boyfriend had transformed into a true food aficionado, making, photographing, and then enjoying his culinary project, even if only for an evening, and even if he overdid the cheese. Continue reading