Work Is Over

A nontraditional work week has its benefits: Sunday night is the new Saturday night. There is nothing quite like knowing that while the rest of the world unwinds from a nice weekend, yours is just beginning. A smug little secret I revel in admittedly–sometimes pride is fun!

A fresh pineapple juice enjoyed after work is over

along side a plate full of Good Enough To Eat’s migas, scrambled eggs and peppers atop tortilla strips served alongside griddles flour tortillas.

Happy Sunday that is Saturday to me.


My Day

Today started with this guy while I was eating

this guy

then we rode bikes, like rode all over manhattan, no lie

pit stop to play with this guy

and then I fell off my bike. Bruised….but happy.

Your Regularly Schedule Programming Has Been Interrupted

This is an apology for the weeks to come. I can already guarantee this blog is going to fall by the wayside. I will do my best, scout’s honor, to write here and there, give you an update on the state of things, fill you in on what’s what, who’s who, and what I’ve eaten ( just the normal stuff) BUT ┬áthis whole wedding is coming in just 15 days.

I’m getting hitched y’all–cut me some slack and do a little dance for me.

Foodie Penpal # 2

Getting mail is fun. Getting mail filled with edibles and other surprises is more fun. Heck, it may be the most fun I had all week (oh wait, do I really want to admit that?!). This month’s foodie penpal exchange had me all fired up for Florida goodies and the lovely Heidi of Young Grasshopper delivered tenfold. Inside my treasure chest, you ask:

A) Creamy Key Lime Coconut Patties-key lime pie made portable and covered in chocolate, oh my.
B) Avocado Kitchen, a Daytona eatery’s Herbs de Provence seasoning-amazing on roasted veggies and pasta dishes
C) Bike Week Hot Sauce- it kicks Tabasco’s hiney and then some
D) Citrus Honey– o.k. I polished off this mini bottle in three days, smoothies, sandwiches, yogurt, very fresh and with an orange kick.
E) Dancer Dust–another amazing seasoning for turning normal weekday meals into magic, perfect blend of salty and herb-filled.
F) Rubber ducky because sometimes you need company in the kitchen!