Looking Back

It’s been almost a month since the wedding. I honestly cannot believe it-all that build up, almost a year of planning, the anxiety, the excitement, and the in between “we’re getting married” feelings. Now it’s all in the past. I am a married woman.

Of course it’s never too soon to reminisce. The entire honeymoon Chris and I re-lived the wedding. From the ceremony to the food to the group Macarena dance, the entire night was as perfect as perfect could be. Ok I’ll admit it, the few days before were a lot. I was nervous, not about marrying C but about the logistics. What if it rained? What if the food was terrible? What if I fell in front of everyone? There were a million questions racing through my mind. And the day of time flashed by. I woke up, worked out with my friends, took a walk, ate a light lunch, had my makeup done, and then all of of a sudden I was kissing my groom as the deluge of guests began to line up.

One month later as I think about the day, I take delight in knowing I wouldn’t have had it any other way. It was the perfect wedding weekend. And the best part is knowing that the adventure has just began!

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