So last night I got inducted into Phi Beta Kappa. Yes there is a secret handshake. Yes I know it. Yes here is proof:

Afterwards we did what I always do after a momentous life occasion. We grubbed. Continue reading



It finally feels like Spring. Green so bright you need sunglasses and sunshine so bright sweat drips from every pore (why parks with no swimming pools exist is beyond me!). Sunday afternoon sunbathing was in order. I slept and woke up in a puddle of perspiration and drool with an already visible tan whole Chris did stunts with his miniature soccer ball. Continue reading

Center Stage

Most of the time I am pretty happy just slipping by, you know living out the days the way I see fit but without much attention to myself. I do what needs to be done and keep going.

But sometimes I like GLORY. I like spotlights and cat calls and rounds of boisterous applause. There are times when I want to be celebrated. Continue reading


In my alternate life I am a badass candy apple red driving scooter girl. I am, I am, I swear.
And I life in that brownstone in the tree-lined West Village. And I have two french bull dogs. And I make millions of billions of dollars writing about my (mis)adventures.

In my real life, I have no scooter. I have no brownstone. I have neither two nor one dog. And I am so far from millions it’s laughable.

Hold fast to your dreams for one day they WILL come true.


It’s been a busy week in the blogsphere for yours truly. What will follow is a series of shameless self promotions, but then what exactly is a blog if not just that!

My favorite restaraunt in New York City bar none. I dream about this place…every night.

One kick-ass sandwich from The Hominy Grill in Charleston has me homesick

Easy ways to incorporate more super foods into your diet

Spring means asparagus. Here’s a few recipes you can overindulge in.

Happy Weekend, my friends.

More to Come

I miss my mom already. What a cutie, and if you doubt it, see above photo and blonde beauty to your left!!

The weekend was a blur, a quick-fire three days of non-stop shenanigans. We shopped until we dropped and when we hit rock bottom we found solace in sustenance (more to come in that department later) and cheap jokes. I scored a great pair of wedding shoes. Mom found the prettiest dress for the big day. Chris got his suit and the attire of his groomsmen squared away. It was a grand-tastic success, one of the most fabulous weekends we’ve had in a while

I miss my mom already.