Greek Easter

How many of you celebrated Greek Easter this past Sunday?

That’s what I figured….of course before I go tooting my own cosmopolitan horn, let me point out how fortuitous my nod to the great Greek culture was. My cousin called a few days before and invited Chris, my mother, and myself to brunch Sunday and I suggested he do the restaurant choosing.

Enter Kefi, a light-filled airy Upper West Side greek restaurant we have been to once before. The food here is a touch more modern that the Greek fare I enjoyed about a year ago in Greece. True to authentic Greek cuisine, the menu items at Kefi are certainly rich, and generally heavy. The olive oil, spices, and salt are poured on liberally. For a once in a while kind of place though, a meal here leaves little to be desired. This food packs the flavor, y’all; it’s so good you won’t leave much behind but you won’t need dessert either! Continue reading


In Vogue

Photo credit: Robyn Lee of Serious Eats

A couple of friends and myself were discussing the trendy foods of now a few days ago. It was interesting conversation that I have found myself revisiting since then. It’s totally true and totally funny how certain foods become in vogue. I like to imagine all the big-wig chefs around the globe getting together for a seasonal conference. Think of Thomas Keller and Bobby Flay sitting around a giant table spread thick. In between bites they throw out ideas.

“Hey Bobby, what about tofu?”

“No, that is too last year….I’m thinking barbecue, definitely barbeque.”

“Oh, good idea, yeah barbecue…and cauliflower.”

Ok I digress, let’s get back to the topic. What do you think this winter’s trend alert foods have been? Continue reading


It looked like a cheese puff, just an average puffed corn faux-cheese covered this is not real food snack delight.


I consumed far too many of these things as a child. Yes, I was that kid with the cheese powder mustache and bright orange fingertips on the regular. I am still battling the messy eater in me; food inevitably ends up on my outfit more often than not. Continue reading