You know that saying “less is more”? Yeah, I know it too, but I disagree completely.

Let me put it into context for you: Thursdays are my week day off. Usually this means I stay up until midnight Wednesday evening (I know I am crazy!) and wake up to no alarm. It’s a glorious little routine I’ve got going. This morning was no different. I slept until 10, made a green smoothie, and caught up on blogs until noon when I high-tailed it down to Tribeca for a SoulCycle class and video shoot with Melanie G. The workout was bananas and I left completely exhausted and smiling, the effect of any SoulCycle workout.

I scrambled back uptown for a staff meeting where I enjoyed an array of delicious treats including bites of every flavor of Levain Bakery cookies. I wasn’t stuffed but I was certainly not hungry. Back at home I read a bit, caught up on email, cleaned, and then the clock stuck 7pm. Instead of putting on my pj’s I ran back down to W77 SoulCycle for another class, a Summer Heat Wave ride with the lovely little Elianna.

Blood. Sweat.Tears. Amazing workout #2 of the day, I left exhausted and smiling, as per usual.

I arrived home to find a sweet husband and a lovely plate of food waiting for me. And then instead of hitting the hay I baked these chocolate chip cookies that I had been waiting to bake for months ( spoiler alert: the recipe calls for a full 24 to 48 hours of dough refrigeration, talk about patience).


2 workouts, 2 desserts. A double dose of a damn good day. I pedal that bike so that I can enjoy every single bite with nothing held back. I am of the persuasion that you only get on life to live and I am committed to milking the one I have got. Continue reading

Monkey See, Monkey Do

That’s one beautiful pie-the piles of melted pepperjack cheese, the wilted spinach, the sprinkling of feta. I know, you’re expecting me to tell you all about how I made it, the steps to take, the insider’s tips, the nitty gritty.

Brace yourselves, it was not I who crafted this pizza fit for kings. It was Chris (who was featured in The Wall Street Journal Style this week), my star pupil. You see, I went on a girls night date and left him to fend for himself. God bless his soul-this usually translates to pb and j’s and string cheese. Imagine my surprise when I arrived home to a clean kitchen, the lingering smell of melting cheese, and a camera full of pictures of a pizza I did not consume. It was a dream come true. My boyfriend had transformed into a true food aficionado, making, photographing, and then enjoying his culinary project, even if only for an evening, and even if he overdid the cheese. Continue reading

Easier Than An Actual Avalanche(bars)

Lord help me. From the way my grubby little paws acted today you’d think I hadn’t just baked enough cookies to last me through next winter.

But you see, dear friends, I had never tasted an Avalanche Bar until today. Hell, I didn’t even know such a thing existed. I have seen the rainbow at the end of the storm and I ain’t ever going back to no rainy days.

A trifecta of ingredients:

1. peanut butter
2. rice kris pies
3. marshmallow
(and white chocolate, just for kicks)

Crunchy yet smooth & sweet with a salty kick = this avalanche done gone and started, y’all. I’m three bars in and still gaining momentum.

Easy Avalanche Bars
[no oven necessary]

Melt white chocolate chips in microwave or with double boiler. Combine chocolate with peanut butter and add in rice krispies. I told you this was easy. Allow to cool for 15 minutes, stirring now and again. Mix in marshmallows and mini chocolate chips. Pour batter into 9 x 9 inch greased pan and allow to come to complete cool. Cut and serve!

Tastes Good Alone

Alone is how I find myself on a Friday night.

So I do the natural thing. I eat a spoonful of peanut butter straight from the jar standing over the sink then put on my pajamas and take a three hour nap.

At 8pm I wake up. I make a green machine smoothie, a baked sweet potato, and slice some fruit. I eat somewhere between standing over the sink and laying horizontal on my
bed with the tv cranked way up.

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Single Serving

The downside of having such a talented and diligent fiancée is that sometimes he works a little too hard. From what I gather, he is a hot commodity around the ole architecture studio hence the sadly familiar “we need you to stay late” plea we have both become rather used to.

I dined alone tonight. And I will be frank with you, I don;t like dining alone. I like discuss the meal, talk flavors, talk texture, talk spice. I like to speak between bites. Hell, I even like to steal a forkful from my dining companions plate here and there. Fact: it’s impossible to swap bites when there is only one plate. Fact again: talking to yourself is rather one-sided.

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Rainy Day

Yesterday was a rainy day….like seriously, it poured from noon until we fell asleep.

So we made the best of it. We grabbed bagels and ate them in bed watching the best movie in the world x 1000 million, and no it’s not up for discussion, Moulin Rouge. We worked on wedding invitations. We read books (or tried to anyway). We sang loudly. Sorry neighbors! Continue reading


It’s been a busy week in the blogsphere for yours truly. What will follow is a series of shameless self promotions, but then what exactly is a blog if not just that!

My favorite restaraunt in New York City bar none. I dream about this place…every night.

One kick-ass sandwich from The Hominy Grill in Charleston has me homesick

Easy ways to incorporate more super foods into your diet

Spring means asparagus. Here’s a few recipes you can overindulge in.

Happy Weekend, my friends.

Pizza Party

Pizza Party nights are a favorite in my household.

Ok it’s true this is totally semi-homemade in every possible way. Trader Joe’s dough, Trader Joe’s sauce, frozen peppers, store-bought pre-shredded three cheese blend, spinach, dried basil, salt, and pepper. I threw it all atop the rolled out dough and baked the pies at 350 degrees for 15 minutes. Dinner served.

Sneak Attack

Ok I have a confession. At around 6pm tonight I encountered a sneak attack craving so strong I called my fiancée. The conversation went a little something like this:

“Hey Chris, I had an idea” to which he replied, “Oh really, what?” to which I replied, “Remember that gift card you got to Steak N Shake for Christmas? Maybe we should use it,” to which he replied, “but I had leftover cheeseburger for lunch and we had fries last night,” to which I mentally replied “shit,” but said “you’re absolutely right, we’ll eat at home!”

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