The Main Event

Ok normally I am a dessert is my favorite course kind of gal. What can I say, this one has a sweet tooth; at times it seems like the only tooth I’ve got.

But last week during my dinner ay Candle, the main course stole the show. 100% vegan. Ok I will admit it, I have toyed around with the idea of going animal product free more than once. I even lasted 14 whole days last August until I got so wrapped up in the need for an ice cream cone that I caved. There are definitely days I eat vegan and days I stray far far away. That being said whenever a restaurant that boasts this characteristic is on the books fora visit I get excited. I mean, it takes immense skill to cook food sans animal anything that tastes better than the majority of foods I’ve eaten in my life.

Candle succeeded and then some. I wasn’t even all that hungry and I finished this massive  plate. My fork was a magnet to the flavor. Hook line and sinker, give me more. The creamy luscious mac and cheese, the succulent barbecued seitan, the heart chili, and the salty spicy corn, I mean who could resist.

It’s funny but it’s true; this Southern gal had a damn near perfect replica of the food she grew up on at a restaurant that used none of the products the South is known for. I felt more at home during the course of this meal than I have since my last visit. And believe me, Nashville isn’t exactly teeming with vegan hot spots. Those tastes, though, well they brought me back.



Dessert First.






I have always wanted to use that little manta on my blog. And what better time than now, when I have such a drool inspiring photo of a dessert worthy of words to accompany. That, my friends, is the brownie sundae from Candle Cafe West. A decadent combination of delicious moist brownie, and creamy vanilla ice cream, topped off by chocolate fudge sauce, a sprinkle of walnuts, and a few fresh berries. Heaven in a bowl is an understatement. And guess what, guys? This dish is 100% vegan and gluten free to boot. Does this mean it’s healthy? Ok maybe not. But full of additives and preservatives and shit no one can pronounce it is not. It is big enough to share (which is what I did, thanks again Jaime G!) but good enough to savor solo. I dream in this sundae. Seriously.


Work Is Over

A nontraditional work week has its benefits: Sunday night is the new Saturday night. There is nothing quite like knowing that while the rest of the world unwinds from a nice weekend, yours is just beginning. A smug little secret I revel in admittedly–sometimes pride is fun!

A fresh pineapple juice enjoyed after work is over

along side a plate full of Good Enough To Eat’s migas, scrambled eggs and peppers atop tortilla strips served alongside griddles flour tortillas.

Happy Sunday that is Saturday to me.

Graduation Recap

Dear Whomever who decided that giant nylon/polyester purple sacks and black diamond-shaped caps should be standard graduation attire,

Way to ruin it for everyone….


Honestly aside from the excitement that is the final stamp on a college career, there is much about the process that is frankly a process-the millions of ceremonies, the speeches, the long and tired calling of names, the flocks of eager family members going camera happy, the bottlenecking, the crowds, the caps and gowns, I stress the caps and gowns. Sorry to be a negative Nancy here, but let’s be realistic. Graduating = Awesome. Graduation = Giant Ball of Chaos!>!?!

My Grievances with attire:
The gown was purple. Purple is not my go-to color.
It didn’t breathe.
It didn’t show off my girlish figure (read: potato sack)
It didn’t feel pleasant to touch.
It smelled like the plastic sack it had been sitting in.
The cap was a bit small though I measured according to directions.
It was wobbly and unstable atop my head.
My shiny gold hassle weighed more than my cap.
I had to use bobby pins to secure the damn thing and even then the slightest jolt and BAM.
Hat hair is ugly. Add in 94% humidity Voila, sex bomb status!

As soon as that baccalaureate ceremony was over, I rushed outside, got a few pictures taken, for the ole scrapbook, and then I tore off that silly costume like I was ripping into a sack of Halloween candy. 5 seconds or less, y’all.
Of course two hours later, post dinner feast, I was itching to put the purple robe back on to camouflage the post-dinner belly I had going on. As it turns out graduation gowns are lovely hide-the-bloat wear. When you’ve taken down the house in the eating arena, no shape is no problem. Of course, full-on feasting of Peruvian fare at a neighborhood favorite, Pio Pio, was worth the slight tightness of my blouse. I ordered ceviche mixto and a side of maduras and as always enjoyed a handful or two or french fries and a few bites of rice and beans because I can never stick to what I order alone. I must get my fork in everything or the meal feels incomplete. I wasn’t the only one eating with a passion; the table enjoyed their various dishes. I know the tender roast chicken was a hit; between 5 people not a single little scrap was left on the bone. Our table looked like the boneyard in The Lion King, carcasses and all.

We washed it down with a little architectural tour of the Meatpacking District, followed by two giant slices of New York cheesecake in Times Square where we almost saw Ricky Martin and a few rounds of after hours bowl dancing (an invented style of bowling in which each turn at the lane necessitates a free-styled dance routine intermixed with the actual bowling of the ball). Bowl dancing is, by the way, a great cardiovascular exercise that I DO NOT recommend after a hefty slice of cheesecake. Of course I only realized this in retrospect from my current position in my bed where I lay with a bit of a tummy-ache, the tell-tale sign of a night of TOO much fun, the surefire signal of a job well done.

Mustache Gala

Last night I was whisked away by my sweet fiancee to an undisclosed location to take part in a shower for the bride i.e. a party for ME!

It was quite the exciting event as a normal sunday in my life involved breakfast for dinner in my pi’s in front of the t.v…..certainly not a get gussied up and hit the town kind of evening on the regular.

My best friends here in the city (hell, in the world) threw me the party [Thanks Cristina, Sarah, and Gwen!] Complete with a customized menu, table games, a gift exchange, and yes, you guessed it, mustache props, this was one of those rare events I couldn’t have planned better myself. It’s as if my friends can read my mind.

Of course I was having so much fun I neglected to take amazing photos but you know I am not the least bit ashamed. Sometimes its best to abandon the technology and just live it. Y’all, I was in it, every single bit of it. From the questions games, to the toasts, to the unwrapping of much too fancy presents, to the tasting and discussing of the food, it was a mustached good time I will never ever forget.  Continue reading

Sushi Lunch Special

The first time I had sushi I remember a poster on the wall of the modest Nashville hole in the wall joint I would come to frequent reading “Sushi, The Edible Art.”

It’s true, it really is. I almost feel guilty eating something so dainty, so elegant, so refined….that is until the first piece goes smoothly down. Then all manners are cast aside and it’s a free for all. I can’t eat it fast enough. There is something irresistible about the combination of oily fish, sticky rice, crunch vegetables, and salty soy sauce. Each single bite is a burst of competing flavors that come together to form the single most perfect example of cohesion in food. I love sushi lunch specials. $8.50 for two rolls, miso soup, and a side salad. 8 dollars expertly spent.

I ordered an avocado peanut role and a white tuna cucumber roll. The white tuna was mild, light, and easily digested. The peanut avocado roll was bold, savory, and creamy. Together this was quite a pair and I did not share. I ate them all. one by one. then I stole bites of Chris’s crunchy shrimp and eel. We both wished for more.