It’s been a busy week in the blogsphere for yours truly. What will follow is a series of shameless self promotions, but then what exactly is a blog if not just that!

My favorite restaraunt in New York City bar none. I dream about this place…every night.

One kick-ass sandwich from The Hominy Grill in Charleston has me homesick

Easy ways to incorporate more super foods into your diet

Spring means asparagus. Here’s a few recipes you can overindulge in.

Happy Weekend, my friends.


Hominy Harmony

two thick slabs of lightly toasted and delicately buttered bread, moist, dense, and bursting with banana flavor

supremely moist, exquisitely light, and every bit as fluffy as a proper pancake should be—no condiments needed

Golden brown cake leading into a light custard layer, all atop a buttery, flaky handmade pie crust, sweet not sugary, tart not lemony, and with a dash of nutmeg-pie perfection

For complete review of The Hominy Grill’s brunch sweets

Pimento Cheese: A Throwback

Sharp cheddar, sliced pimentos, fresh arugula, and bourbon infused mayo-yes please.

Charleston’s own Hominy Grill makes the pimento cheese sandwich of my dreams. It’s creamy. It’s fatty. It’s rich. And it has a chile-poweder kick. There’s a lot going on in between two slices of bread….until there is nothing left, that is.

*original review published here*

The Other Side of Vacation

A few days post vacation always has me feeling a bit down. Be it the return to the schedule, the constant reliving of trip moments, or my habitual befuddlement over how the time got away so fast. Sure, I keep myself busy and find the joys in everyday life, but there is just a tinge of that post-vacation blues I just cannot shake.

I turn to my pictures

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Something about South Carolina

South Carolina is a marvelous state. I love the climate, sunny, a little humid, warm. I love the vegetation, a scene out of a fairytale, low country marshlands, alligators, fern-laden trees, moss. I love the abundance of outdoor activities, tennis, golf, beach runs, bike-rides, water sports. I love the smells, salt air and barbeque. I love the sounds, seagulls cawing, waves crashing, southern drawls. I love the food, low country infused Southern classics, heavy seafood emphasis, fresh and flavorful. Charleston, in particular, is the very definition of charming. A rich history meets a modern-day city and the result is overwhelming. Charleston hooks you like a harbor fish and reels you in lickety split.

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