Pizza Party

I’ve been babbling about pizza parties at work day in and day out for weeks now. I finally got fed up waiting.

Monday Night Pizza Party

Simple whole wheat pita with a marinara sauce, pearl onions, spinach, plum, and tomato, topped off with pepperjack cheese and a sprinkle of basil. Monday night hasn’t tasted this good in a while.



You know that saying “less is more”? Yeah, I know it too, but I disagree completely.

Let me put it into context for you: Thursdays are my week day off. Usually this means I stay up until midnight Wednesday evening (I know I am crazy!) and wake up to no alarm. It’s a glorious little routine I’ve got going. This morning was no different. I slept until 10, made a green smoothie, and caught up on blogs until noon when I high-tailed it down to Tribeca for a SoulCycle class and video shoot with Melanie G. The workout was bananas and I left completely exhausted and smiling, the effect of any SoulCycle workout.

I scrambled back uptown for a staff meeting where I enjoyed an array of delicious treats including bites of every flavor of Levain Bakery cookies. I wasn’t stuffed but I was certainly not hungry. Back at home I read a bit, caught up on email, cleaned, and then the clock stuck 7pm. Instead of putting on my pj’s I ran back down to W77 SoulCycle for another class, a Summer Heat Wave ride with the lovely little Elianna.

Blood. Sweat.Tears. Amazing workout #2 of the day, I left exhausted and smiling, as per usual.

I arrived home to find a sweet husband and a lovely plate of food waiting for me. And then instead of hitting the hay I baked these chocolate chip cookies that I had been waiting to bake for months ( spoiler alert: the recipe calls for a full 24 to 48 hours of dough refrigeration, talk about patience).


2 workouts, 2 desserts. A double dose of a damn good day. I pedal that bike so that I can enjoy every single bite with nothing held back. I am of the persuasion that you only get on life to live and I am committed to milking the one I have got. Continue reading

The Cinema

I love movies

I think I might love movie treat even more, Nothing beats a Monday night spent at the cinema, pile of popcorn, couple of friends, and a stash of candy.

Who says the work week has to be all work?

The Vow

I have been a very bad blogger, like grade F major fail sauce y’all must hate me and then some.

But today, I pledge to make time in my week to week life to pop in and say hello. After all, I know you are all just DYING to hear what I have to say, right?!

Your Regularly Schedule Programming Has Been Interrupted

This is an apology for the weeks to come. I can already guarantee this blog is going to fall by the wayside. I will do my best, scout’s honor, to write here and there, give you an update on the state of things, fill you in on what’s what, who’s who, and what I’ve eaten ( just the normal stuff) BUT  this whole wedding is coming in just 15 days.

I’m getting hitched y’all–cut me some slack and do a little dance for me.

Foodie Penpal # 2

Getting mail is fun. Getting mail filled with edibles and other surprises is more fun. Heck, it may be the most fun I had all week (oh wait, do I really want to admit that?!). This month’s foodie penpal exchange had me all fired up for Florida goodies and the lovely Heidi of Young Grasshopper delivered tenfold. Inside my treasure chest, you ask:

A) Creamy Key Lime Coconut Patties-key lime pie made portable and covered in chocolate, oh my.
B) Avocado Kitchen, a Daytona eatery’s Herbs de Provence seasoning-amazing on roasted veggies and pasta dishes
C) Bike Week Hot Sauce- it kicks Tabasco’s hiney and then some
D) Citrus Honey– o.k. I polished off this mini bottle in three days, smoothies, sandwiches, yogurt, very fresh and with an orange kick.
E) Dancer Dust–another amazing seasoning for turning normal weekday meals into magic, perfect blend of salty and herb-filled.
F) Rubber ducky because sometimes you need company in the kitchen!

Reclaiming It.

One lesson New York City taught me is that city mobility is not as easily controlled as suburbia motion. Subway rides. Bus trips. Taxi cabs. Guess what- you are the passenger. You are NOT the driver. Those 2 o’ clock coffee plans or 7 pm movie premiers may not be as easy to make as they once were. I’ve accept it. I’ve embrace the ten to thirty minute grace period known as “travel time.” Punctuality used to be a trait I possessed. Now it’s a nice idea. Of course this weekend that all changed!

I got a bike, my very own single speed Bianchi Pista. She’s a real knock-out and she’s no stranger to speed. Helmet up, clip in, and go. Step back, y’all. I’m reclaiming those lost minutes tenfold.