Looking Back

It’s been almost a month since the wedding. I honestly cannot believe it-all that build up, almost a year of planning, the anxiety, the excitement, and the in between “we’re getting married” feelings. Now it’s all in the past. I am a married woman.

Of course it’s never too soon to reminisce. The entire honeymoon Chris and I re-lived the wedding. From the ceremony to the food to the group Macarena dance, the entire night was as perfect as perfect could be. Ok I’ll admit it, the few days before were a lot. I was nervous, not about marrying C but about the logistics. What if it rained? What if the food was terrible? What if I fell in front of everyone? There were a million questions racing through my mind. And the day of time flashed by. I woke up, worked out with my friends, took a walk, ate a light lunch, had my makeup done, and then all of of a sudden I was kissing my groom as the deluge of guests began to line up.

One month later as I think about the day, I take delight in knowing I wouldn’t have had it any other way. It was the perfect wedding weekend. And the best part is knowing that the adventure has just began!


Biker Babes

My Bachelorette party began with class-we ladies came dressed to the nines, ready to casually sip champagne and nosh on lighter fare artfully prepared by my maid of honor, Maddie Teren and her wonderful mother. Roasted beet chips topped with goat cheese, fresh spring rolls, mini grilled cheese and caramelized onion sandwiches, apple sausage pineapple skewers, and home-made pickled veggies. My kind of spread. Conversation was had, gifts were opened, stories were told. Graceful beginnings, that is until I was presented with a gift. And inside said parcel was a bicycle helmet with attached veil. Let the rip roaring wild times begin.

Bachelorette party Pedal Tavern style: for the rest of the evening my fellow friends and I pedaled a giant group bicycle vehicle around downtown Nashville blasting bad pop music, screaming at the top of our lungs, and enjoying free flowing libations. So much for no drinking and driving, right?!

The night was silly, raunchy, and full of squeals, just the way I always imagined it. And My bachelorette party kicked those other bachelorette parties we ran into ass! I always did love a little competition.


Going Bridal

It’s probably too early to be walking down bridal shower memory lane. Sometime I feel like the wedding is almost over and it’s yet to even happen. I guess that’s one whole year and a half of wedding on the brain will do to a gal.

This post is dedicated to Cristina and Gwen (Gwen is the red-haired beauty in black and nude and Crisitina is the vixen in hot pink on the end). Both G and C are members of my bridal party, friends since freshmen year, truly inspiring girls I love to spend time with. Both are also the only victims of my one moment of bridal rage. The issue was resolved effortlessly (well almost!) by them and my bridezilla mindset was quashed. Thank the heavens. I won’t go into major details as some things remain private even for a bare it all for the world to see kind of lady like myself.

My points are these:

1. True friends are certainly to be cherished. Hang on to them. They right any wrongs and calm a tortured spirit. They make life better.
2. Bridezilla is not a myth. It happens to the best of us. Take it, embrace it, and then throw it out the window.

Mustache Gala

Last night I was whisked away by my sweet fiancee to an undisclosed location to take part in a shower for the bride i.e. a party for ME!

It was quite the exciting event as a normal sunday in my life involved breakfast for dinner in my pi’s in front of the t.v…..certainly not a get gussied up and hit the town kind of evening on the regular.

My best friends here in the city (hell, in the world) threw me the party [Thanks Cristina, Sarah, and Gwen!] Complete with a customized menu, table games, a gift exchange, and yes, you guessed it, mustache props, this was one of those rare events I couldn’t have planned better myself. It’s as if my friends can read my mind.

Of course I was having so much fun I neglected to take amazing photos but you know I am not the least bit ashamed. Sometimes its best to abandon the technology and just live it. Y’all, I was in it, every single bit of it. From the questions games, to the toasts, to the unwrapping of much too fancy presents, to the tasting and discussing of the food, it was a mustached good time I will never ever forget.  Continue reading

Island in the Sun

Easy afternoons call for easy tropical smoothies:

1 small kiwi
1/2 cup blueberries
1/2 cup diced pineapple
1/2 cup plain yogurt
touch of honey
3 ice cubes
splash of milk

Blend until icy and smooth. Enjoy while blasting your favorite cheesy pop music because in the words of the poetic R. Kelly, “It’s the freakin’ weekend baby I’m about to have me some fun.”

Saving The Date

Sometimes I get so busy juggling all the side projects that compromise my busy little life that I forget how fast-approaching this summer wedding really is (and quite exciting, to boot)!

I received my very own hard copy of our home-made save the date in the mail thanks to my sweet little mamma, who has graciously taken over as head post-master.

It is sitting on my fridge, a happy reminder of the excitement in store. I am so happy we went the DIY route. Chris did a great job, light and fun, just the way we want the whole event to be–marriage is serious, y’all, I know, but why not make it all about fun. Let’s start this union, good foot forward.

Wedding Nightmares

My alarm didn’t even get a chance to go off this morning. I sprang out of bed faster than you can say “breakfast is ready!” only it wasn’t so that I could eat.

I had a nightmare, a horrible, stomach-pain inducing wedding related nightmare. I am pretty sure I spent at leads 5 hours last night living through what had to have been the most ridiculous wedding ever, and it was my dream wedding too. Who says dreams are all white clouds and children laughing and lollipops?!  Continue reading