Hominy Harmony

two thick slabs of lightly toasted and delicately buttered bread, moist, dense, and bursting with banana flavor

supremely moist, exquisitely light, and every bit as fluffy as a proper pancake should be—no condiments needed

Golden brown cake leading into a light custard layer, all atop a buttery, flaky handmade pie crust, sweet not sugary, tart not lemony, and with a dash of nutmeg-pie perfection

For complete review of The Hominy Grill’s brunch sweets


Sweets for the Sweet

February is a scorned month by the majority, or so I would imagine. It is rather cold, and bleak, and unfortunately positioned after the holidays and before the beginning of a season of excitement, or dread, if swimsuits and week-long beach parties aren’t your bag.

Personally, I enjoy February. I have finally accepted the weather. I’ve gotten into the groove of a new year. My schedule is in check. My routine is carved out. Spring in on the horizon. February is a short month heavy on the celebrations.

You see, February 13th is my sweetie’s birthday and February 14th is the national day to pamper that same sweets. It’s a regular love showdown full of good company, gifts, and delicious eats. Mid-February is a break from the monotony of the grind, and one I take very seriously.

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