Going Bridal

It’s probably too early to be walking down bridal shower memory lane. Sometime I feel like the wedding is almost over and it’s yet to even happen. I guess that’s one whole year and a half of wedding on the brain will do to a gal.

This post is dedicated to Cristina and Gwen (Gwen is the red-haired beauty in black and nude and Crisitina is the vixen in hot pink on the end). Both G and C are members of my bridal party, friends since freshmen year, truly inspiring girls I love to spend time with. Both are also the only victims of my one moment of bridal rage. The issue was resolved effortlessly (well almost!) by them and my bridezilla mindset was quashed. Thank the heavens. I won’t go into major details as some things remain private even for a bare it all for the world to see kind of lady like myself.

My points are these:

1. True friends are certainly to be cherished. Hang on to them. They right any wrongs and calm a tortured spirit. They make life better.
2. Bridezilla is not a myth. It happens to the best of us. Take it, embrace it, and then throw it out the window.


Mustache Gala

Last night I was whisked away by my sweet fiancee to an undisclosed location to take part in a shower for the bride i.e. a party for ME!

It was quite the exciting event as a normal sunday in my life involved breakfast for dinner in my pi’s in front of the t.v…..certainly not a get gussied up and hit the town kind of evening on the regular.

My best friends here in the city (hell, in the world) threw me the party [Thanks Cristina, Sarah, and Gwen!] Complete with a customized menu, table games, a gift exchange, and yes, you guessed it, mustache props, this was one of those rare events I couldn’t have planned better myself. It’s as if my friends can read my mind.

Of course I was having so much fun I neglected to take amazing photos but you know I am not the least bit ashamed. Sometimes its best to abandon the technology and just live it. Y’all, I was in it, every single bit of it.¬†From the questions games, to the toasts, to the unwrapping of much too fancy presents, to the tasting and discussing of the food, it was a mustached good time I will never ever forget.¬† Continue reading