Dessert First.






I have always wanted to use that little manta on my blog. And what better time than now, when I have such a drool inspiring photo of a dessert worthy of words to accompany. That, my friends, is the brownie sundae from Candle Cafe West. A decadent combination of delicious moist brownie, and creamy vanilla ice cream, topped off by chocolate fudge sauce, a sprinkle of walnuts, and a few fresh berries. Heaven in a bowl is an understatement. And guess what, guys? This dish is 100% vegan and gluten free to boot. Does this mean it’s healthy? Ok maybe not. But full of additives and preservatives and shit no one can pronounce it is not. It is big enough to share (which is what I did, thanks again Jaime G!) but good enough to savor solo. I dream in this sundae. Seriously.



Never Over-rated: Cookie Break

Today during a SoulCycle class master instructor Kym Perfetto yelled out serious motivation with sticking power.

“Skinny is over-rated but hot is not!” the ripped Kym screamed as she proceeded to tell us about how she hates when people equate working out to punishing themselves for enjoying a delicious dessert. This is a girl after my own heart. Let’s face it, y’all; life is hard and short. There just isn’t enough time to get all wrapped up in what you shouldn’t. The time to enjoy is now. Let’s work it out and then go and have lunch!

After class I went home and began a sunday baking spree. I had cookies on me mind. And the only way to satisfy a cookie craving is by baking a batch, of course! Continue reading

Spring Inspires

Dare I say it, dare I say it:

Spring is here!

[no claps of thunder, lightning bolts, or rain clouds have appeared-I guess I didn’t jinx this glorious weather just yet!]

These sunny skies and higher temperatures have a perma-grin glued on my face. I just can’t help it. There is something so right about springtime in the city. I love the smell of the air, the blooming of the flowers, the green on the trees, and the sounds of babies laughing at the top of their lungs in the neighborhood playground. Like a drippy ice cream cone in the noon day sun, springtime makes me melt. I swear it’s like happy tears have taken up residence behind my big ole’ eyeballs for good. Each and every fresh sight and sound inspires a stream of salty happiness down my face. Perhaps I should retire the mascara until I adjust. I am filled with excitement. I am a pool [ha ha literally] of emotions. And I experience this every single year upon seasons changing.  Continue reading

Dip It Real Good

Do you ever have those kinds of weekends where all you seem to do is snack? Forget the whole three meals a day business the rest of the world operates around. Throw routine out the door. Pull on the sweatpants with the elastic waistbands, pop in Titanic or some other 3+ hours sage of the ages, and get ready for a real arm workout. I’m talking about hand in bowl to mouth repeat drills Homer Simpson style, y’all!

O.K. that was a tad dramatic. I didn’t snack my weekend away. In fact, I was pretty busy as referenced by

1. Honeymoon Booked

2. Bacon party

3. Hard Sunday Run

but in between all of that jazz, I did sneak in some snack-centric recipes I’d been dying to whip up for ages now. Recipe tasting obviously followed.

Cookie Dough Dip

Continue reading

It’s All About This

This is an apple and cranberry fruit crumble from the humble, unassuming, utterly divine Sunburst Cafe. This is what dessert should taste like enjoyed in an atmosphere where only good things could ever happen. Both sweet and tart with a texture that ranges from chewy to crunchy to soft all in one bite, this dessert is surprising. It’s unexpected. It’s diverse. It’s full of flavors that keep your tongue guessing and your spoon dipping back in.

And before your know it, this dessert is gone, just like your Thursday night…… Continue reading