The Ballpark

Take me out to the ball game

No but seriously, super slaty popcorn, ice cream in a plastic helmet, and french fries galore is as ideal a meal to me as a nice seafood platter and a bottle of bubbly.

We had perfect weather, amazing seats, and high spirits. It was quite the grand finale to a week of momentous occasion.

Seing batta batta batta SWING!


This Is My Confession

There’s this stupid little game I like to play with Chris that goes something like this:

“If you had to choose between a life with no X [edible substance] or no french fries, which would you choose?”

Now I’ve been posing this mature philosophical question since year one or our relationship so you can bet the X items have varied immensely. Hell, I’d say I’ve covered the bases thoroughly, getting far too creative for my own good.

Here’s the thing, while the average human being, such as my sweet sweet Chris, has to think about the options, make the pro/con list, weight the gravitas of the quandary, let’s face it french fries or  hot fudge sundae is a doozy, I never give a second’s hesitation. 

My answer will always be a life with no X.

My name is Sarah and I am a french fry-aholic.

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Weekend Recap

Things might get hairy here in the next couple of weeks. You may find my blog more barren, less attended too, hell maybe even more whiney. It’s that time in the academic setting know as the home-stretch. And things always pick up before they slow down.

Luckily Chris and I were able to enjoy a nice unfettered weekend in the Spring-time city. We strolled through the Village, had a fancy brunch, walked across the BK bridge, did some yoga, had some ice cream, went on a riverside run, and enjoyed good ole fashioned burger and fries grub. It was one of those weekends that makes going back to work hard.

Look at those fries. Yes, there were perfectly crispy on the outside and pleasantly mushy on the inside. Yes they were salted just right. Yes, the salt from the exterior enhanced the overall sweet quality of the taters. Yes we ate them all and contemplated ordering seconds. Continue reading

Bacon on the Bowery

The newly opened Bowey Dinner reminds me of walking into an Anthropolgie turned eatery:

The bright colors contrast against paler hues, the retro-chic decor, the vintage feel.

The Serious Eats gang and I went to celebrate some happy news. We arrived hungry.

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