Link Love

Things I Love Right Now:

1. These baby owls roost in teacups

2. No tahini, no problem- peanut butter hummus

3. They made too many and I love them for it- discounted Lulu gear

4. Because on hot days, a soda is what I need (and throw in some candy too!)

5. Beyond wedding cakes



How We Celebrated

So this is how we celebrated our one year engagement anniversary:

A lovely hummus flight, a few stuffed grape leaves, a scoop of -, and some fried falafel balls with a basket of warm whole wheat pita and bowl of za’tar pita chips.

It was no multi-course Parisian meal but it was just every bit as delicious and sentimental.

** I highly recommend grabbing a friend and heading to your local Hummus Place for the Hummus platter and a choice of three of their flavor-filled appetizers**

Dip It Real Good

Do you ever have those kinds of weekends where all you seem to do is snack? Forget the whole three meals a day business the rest of the world operates around. Throw routine out the door. Pull on the sweatpants with the elastic waistbands, pop in Titanic or some other 3+ hours sage of the ages, and get ready for a real arm workout. I’m talking about hand in bowl to mouth repeat drills Homer Simpson style, y’all!

O.K. that was a tad dramatic. I didn’t snack my weekend away. In fact, I was pretty busy as referenced by

1. Honeymoon Booked

2. Bacon party

3. Hard Sunday Run

but in between all of that jazz, I did sneak in some snack-centric recipes I’d been dying to whip up for ages now. Recipe tasting obviously followed.

Cookie Dough Dip

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