Dessert First.






I have always wanted to use that little manta on my blog. And what better time than now, when I have such a drool inspiring photo of a dessert worthy of words to accompany. That, my friends, is the brownie sundae from Candle Cafe West. A decadent combination of delicious moist brownie, and creamy vanilla ice cream, topped off by chocolate fudge sauce, a sprinkle of walnuts, and a few fresh berries. Heaven in a bowl is an understatement. And guess what, guys? This dish is 100% vegan and gluten free to boot. Does this mean it’s healthy? Ok maybe not. But full of additives and preservatives and shit no one can pronounce it is not. It is big enough to share (which is what I did, thanks again Jaime G!) but good enough to savor solo. I dream in this sundae. Seriously.


The Ballpark

Take me out to the ball game

No but seriously, super slaty popcorn, ice cream in a plastic helmet, and french fries galore is as ideal a meal to me as a nice seafood platter and a bottle of bubbly.

We had perfect weather, amazing seats, and high spirits. It was quite the grand finale to a week of momentous occasion.

Seing batta batta batta SWING!

Walking on a Dream

Waking up excited to go to your job-now that’s a rare and miraculous thing. I can’t say it’s a familiar feeling in my life, per se, until recently that is……

Pinch me, I’m dreaming.

Oh wait, Serious Eats, you and I…… well it’s official, it’s true, dare I say dream come true…..

Careful lest I let my words run away with me; no need to make the rest of the world jealous. I can be muted. I can be subtle.

Who am I kidding, get a load of this:

From tasting ice creams galore; Jeni, you are splendid (me, in stripes)

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In case you were curious….

Because I know you are all dying to find out more about me and my ultra-sophisticated palette…Here I am behind the feast I dutifully prepared for Thanksgiving. I am smiling on the outside but on the inside I am thinking “” Cooking for 5+ hours straight turns me into savage girl. Continue reading