Things I Am Loving As Of Late

Antigua honeymoon (Photo courtesy of my husband, Chris)

1. SoulCycle. Most amazing total body workout I have ever experienced and I am not just talking about the muscles part. It’s a complete mind and body experience.

2. This chocolate chip cookies recipe. If only I had the patience to follow it–24 hours of dough refrigeration is asking a lot of me.

3. What a beautiful blog, makes me want to run away to Charleston and never come back,

4. The new Matisyahu album, I can’t help but dance.

5. My new and most favorite workout pants ever


Link Love

Things I Love Right Now:

1. These baby owls roost in teacups

2. No tahini, no problem- peanut butter hummus

3. They made too many and I love them for it- discounted Lulu gear

4. Because on hot days, a soda is what I need (and throw in some candy too!)

5. Beyond wedding cakes