Biker Babes

My Bachelorette party began with class-we ladies came dressed to the nines, ready to casually sip champagne and nosh on lighter fare artfully prepared by my maid of honor, Maddie Teren and her wonderful mother. Roasted beet chips topped with goat cheese, fresh spring rolls, mini grilled cheese and caramelized onion sandwiches, apple sausage pineapple skewers, and home-made pickled veggies. My kind of spread. Conversation was had, gifts were opened, stories were told. Graceful beginnings, that is until I was presented with a gift. And inside said parcel was a bicycle helmet with attached veil. Let the rip roaring wild times begin.

Bachelorette party Pedal Tavern style: for the rest of the evening my fellow friends and I pedaled a giant group bicycle vehicle around downtown Nashville blasting bad pop music, screaming at the top of our lungs, and enjoying free flowing libations. So much for no drinking and driving, right?!

The night was silly, raunchy, and full of squeals, just the way I always imagined it. And My bachelorette party kicked those other bachelorette parties we ran into ass! I always did love a little competition.