Monkey See, Monkey Do

That’s one beautiful pie-the piles of melted pepperjack cheese, the wilted spinach, the sprinkling of feta. I know, you’re expecting me to tell you all about how I made it, the steps to take, the insider’s tips, the nitty gritty.

Brace yourselves, it was not I who crafted this pizza fit for kings. It was Chris (who was featured in The Wall Street Journal Style this week), my star pupil. You see, I went on a girls night date and left him to fend for himself. God bless his soul-this usually translates to pb and j’s and string cheese. Imagine my surprise when I arrived home to a clean kitchen, the lingering smell of melting cheese, and a camera full of pictures of a pizza I did not consume. It was a dream come true. My boyfriend had transformed into a true food aficionado, making, photographing, and then enjoying his culinary project, even if only for an evening, and even if he overdid the cheese. Continue reading


Pizza Party

Pizza Party nights are a favorite in my household.

Ok it’s true this is totally semi-homemade in every possible way. Trader Joe’s dough, Trader Joe’s sauce, frozen peppers, store-bought pre-shredded three cheese blend, spinach, dried basil, salt, and pepper. I threw it all atop the rolled out dough and baked the pies at 350 degrees for 15 minutes. Dinner served.

Worth it

Just because you’ve been waking up at 5:30 am to hit the gym before working from 7:30 am until late into the afternoon doesn’t mean you can’t eat a balanced dinner. Ok it’s tough to not fall face first into your plate of dinner. Exhaustion hits hard around 7pm. Stick it out; the pay-off is worth the heavy eyes and unstoppable yawns.

And a melty, cheesy pizza sits right nicely in your belly as you cuddle down into you sheets and say good night. Continue reading

Pass the Pizza

Ain’t no party like a pizza friend party cuz a pizza friend party never stop (until the clock strikes 10pm and then it’s hasta la vista because we have work tomorrow. oh real life)

Tonight was a marvelous Tuesday, a Tuesday out of the ordinary, a Tuesday like no other.

This Tuesday was full of great friends, and simple food in our cozy apartment. Conversation was light + Food was filling = Happiness all around.

On the menu: spinach, pepper, olive pizza and an avocado, tomato, feta side salad.  Continue reading

Pizza Party

Sometimes friday nights are best celebrated with a couple of slices of takeout pizza followed by a television show marathon in your jammies in the bed with the boy you love.

Two Boots Pizza, with various outposts around the city, delivers a solid by the slice option. For the veggies out there, the Earth Mother, a whole wheat sicilian crust with 5 veggiesand the Vegan, with artichokes and daiya cheese, are excellent candidates (though my slice was a bit over-cooked last night). There is also the stand-up Bella, a pizza-fied version of the classic creamy spinach artichoke dip with a cayenne kick. For meat-eaters, Chris goes crazy for The Bird, a buffalo chicken and blue cheese slice, and The Newman, nice sauasagey white pizza with a slight pepper kick. Sometimes the pizza is a bit less fresh and other times, it is straight out of the oven. It’s hit or miss, but when you’re lazy and hungry and craving some ‘za, Two Boots is a sure-fire success.