You know that saying “less is more”? Yeah, I know it too, but I disagree completely.

Let me put it into context for you: Thursdays are my week day off. Usually this means I stay up until midnight Wednesday evening (I know I am crazy!) and wake up to no alarm. It’s a glorious little routine I’ve got going. This morning was no different. I slept until 10, made a green smoothie, and caught up on blogs until noon when I high-tailed it down to Tribeca for a SoulCycle class and video shoot with Melanie G. The workout was bananas and I left completely exhausted and smiling, the effect of any SoulCycle workout.

I scrambled back uptown for a staff meeting where I enjoyed an array of delicious treats including bites of every flavor of Levain Bakery cookies. I wasn’t stuffed but I was certainly not hungry. Back at home I read a bit, caught up on email, cleaned, and then the clock stuck 7pm. Instead of putting on my pj’s I ran back down to W77 SoulCycle for another class, a Summer Heat Wave ride with the lovely little Elianna.

Blood. Sweat.Tears. Amazing workout #2 of the day, I left exhausted and smiling, as per usual.

I arrived home to find a sweet husband and a lovely plate of food waiting for me. And then instead of hitting the hay I baked these chocolate chip cookies that I had been waiting to bake for months ( spoiler alert: the recipe calls for a full 24 to 48 hours of dough refrigeration, talk about patience).


2 workouts, 2 desserts. A double dose of a damn good day. I pedal that bike so that I can enjoy every single bite with nothing held back. I am of the persuasion that you only get on life to live and I am committed to milking the one I have got. Continue reading


Things I Am Loving As Of Late

Antigua honeymoon (Photo courtesy of my husband, Chris)

1. SoulCycle. Most amazing total body workout I have ever experienced and I am not just talking about the muscles part. It’s a complete mind and body experience.

2. This chocolate chip cookies recipe. If only I had the patience to follow it–24 hours of dough refrigeration is asking a lot of me.

3. What a beautiful blog, makes me want to run away to Charleston and never come back,

4. The new Matisyahu album, I can’t help but dance.

5. My new and most favorite workout pants ever

Never Over-rated: Cookie Break

Today during a SoulCycle class master instructor Kym Perfetto yelled out serious motivation with sticking power.

“Skinny is over-rated but hot is not!” the ripped Kym screamed as she proceeded to tell us about how she hates when people equate working out to punishing themselves for enjoying a delicious dessert. This is a girl after my own heart. Let’s face it, y’all; life is hard and short. There just isn’t enough time to get all wrapped up in what you shouldn’t. The time to enjoy is now. Let’s work it out and then go and have lunch!

After class I went home and began a sunday baking spree. I had cookies on me mind. And the only way to satisfy a cookie craving is by baking a batch, of course! Continue reading


“Hello my name is Sarah and I’m an addict.”


That’s right, I am straight up addicted to SoulCycle. If you follow along regularly, you’ll remember a little post I ran last week after I tried my first class. I was instantly smitten. I now have two classes under my belt and the love has quadrupled. After tonight’s sweat session and Sunday’s ride, I bet I will be shooting SoulCycle love rays out my eyeballs. This is hands down the most fun form of group exercise I have ever experienced. 45 minutes is not long enough. Get me on that bike, blast the music, and watch me go.

It’s impossible to leave a Soul studio feeling anything but you best. I am sweaty. My hair is a mess. My clothes cling to me. My face is red. My body is exhausted. I have never felt more beautiful.

Hey Soul Sister

Ok so I may have just finished the most fun 45 minutes of physical activity ever. Those critics weren’t lying when the dubbed SoulCycle a “cardio party.” Amidst blasting my glutes and contracting my quads, with sweat pouring off of me like the nozzle in my shower, and breathing so strained I almost checked my own pulse, I found myself smiling and laughing, even singing along. The crowd of cyclists around me let our yells and hoorays while the teacher danced her way around the class for the entire duration. Each song was better (and harder) than the last. And when the clock chimed 43 minutes and Laurie (the awesome instructor) noted that this was it, I actually let out an “awww” in time with the rest of my spinning compatriots. Then I buckled down and spun faster than I have ever spun before. I think I brought my passion to the pedal. They said it was a religious experience. I think they were right. I feel weirdly spiritual, otherworldly, peaceful.

SoulCycle, the definition of hurt so good.