Turning Tricks

This is how I spent the better half of my afternoon-on my ass on a trampoline, a look of mixed delight and fear upon my face with a slight case of total body perspiration.

I was never much of a gymnast. I took up weekly lessons at age 6 mostly to wear the leotards, my personal favorite a royal blue bodysuit with “America” written across my underdeveloped chest. Everyone else moved up in level. I stuck in the beginner class with the 5 year olds. When you’re seven and surrounded by a bunch of snot-nosed chump boys, your world is over. Bonafide babies, how dare they?!

Hollywood Stunts Trick Trampoline Class reminded me of the good ole days. I mastered the first 3 tricks no problem. Trampoline Beast Mode. Then I hit flat-line central. Just me and the seat drop, no flips up this invisible sleeve. Continue reading



Our Saturday night walk across the Brooklyn Bridge was beautiful, as always, and the only space in the city tonight not filled with loud and boozy green-clad party animals.  We sang songs and spoke in British accents the entire time and I felt like I was visiting New York for the first time again.  Continue reading

Bucket List

Earlier today I was having a conversation with some fun ladies and the topic of a “New York Bucket List” surfaced. Now I have had one of these since the day I moved to New York City. Heck, I had one before I moved to New York. I think I may have born with a might “to-do.” My New York list is a work in progress, constantly evolving and changing, things are crossed off as things are added, littles scratch notes are written in the margins, and I’ll admit, there are a few food remains dotting the page (yes, sometimes I snack and forget to wash the evidence off my fingers…I’m working on it, thank-you!). The way I see it, this list is a perfect condensing of myself–me mashed up into a little 8″ x 6″ sheet of paper. Throw a doodle in the top right corner and a dash of hot pink highlighter across the title and voila.

Here’s a peek at a few of the more recent additions to my list and a few of the oldies but goodies, too.

1. Create an ultimate NYC scavenger hunt that forces my friends and I to venture to each of the boroughs, interact with people from all walks of life, and take some sure to be memorable photographs of a day in this whirlwind of a city.

Continue reading

Hey Soul Sister

Ok so I may have just finished the most fun 45 minutes of physical activity ever. Those critics weren’t lying when the dubbed SoulCycle a “cardio party.” Amidst blasting my glutes and contracting my quads, with sweat pouring off of me like the nozzle in my shower, and breathing so strained I almost checked my own pulse, I found myself smiling and laughing, even singing along. The crowd of cyclists around me let our yells and hoorays while the teacher danced her way around the class for the entire duration. Each song was better (and harder) than the last. And when the clock chimed 43 minutes and Laurie (the awesome instructor) noted that this was it, I actually let out an “awww” in time with the rest of my spinning compatriots. Then I buckled down and spun faster than I have ever spun before. I think I brought my passion to the pedal. They said it was a religious experience. I think they were right. I feel weirdly spiritual, otherworldly, peaceful.

SoulCycle, the definition of hurt so good.

Pumped Up Kicks

I have been rocking my workouts this week, if I do say so myself. And let me tell you, it’s been a nice reprieve from last weeks uninspired fitness monotony. I have no idea what’s gotten into me, maybe there’s something in the water, but I have actually been waking up ahead of my alarm and running to the gym ecstatically. If I could click me heels in mid-air, I would (alas my coordination is poor)!

Here’s the recap of my week thus far:

Sunday 30 minute power stair master routine + 1 hour vinyaysa flow yoga

Monday-6 miles run at 8-8:30 pace

Tuesday- 50 minute spin class + 15 minute lower body circuit workout

Wednesday- 30 minute spin routine + 90 minute bikram yoga

Thursday – 30 minute hill interval on treadmill + 20 minute power stair master routine + 10 minute 4×4 cardio circuit Continue reading

Bikram Bites

Bikram Yoga, 90 minutes locked in a 100 degree room with a bunch of strangers, all sweating, and groaning, and toiling away.

It’s one of those love/hate things. I love the lightness I feel after, like I am clean from the inside out. I love the stretched out limber quality my body takes away. I love the post-torture high my mind experiences. Continue reading

Cardio Circuits Can Be Fun!

Each week I am lucky enough to write for Small Kitchen College, one of my favorite little lifestyle sites with a heavy leaning towards the culinary. It’s such fun, love being part of the talented SKC community. Anyway ,my last post for the site dealt with how to stay fit indoors, featuring a little cardio at home workout I do when it’s rainy, snowy, windy, or I’m just feeling lazy. Shocker, I know, as I tend to feature the edible, but my life is actually a nice little balancing act. This circuit is a doozy of a set, always leaves me sweating, and wanting cookies. Proceed with care!