My Day

Today started with this guy while I was eating

this guy

then we rode bikes, like rode all over manhattan, no lie

pit stop to play with this guy

and then I fell off my bike. Bruised….but happy.


Link Love

Things I Love Right Now:

1. These baby owls roost in teacups

2. No tahini, no problem- peanut butter hummus

3. They made too many and I love them for it- discounted Lulu gear

4. Because on hot days, a soda is what I need (and throw in some candy too!)

5. Beyond wedding cakes


Turning Tricks

This is how I spent the better half of my afternoon-on my ass on a trampoline, a look of mixed delight and fear upon my face with a slight case of total body perspiration.

I was never much of a gymnast. I took up weekly lessons at age 6 mostly to wear the leotards, my personal favorite a royal blue bodysuit with “America” written across my underdeveloped chest. Everyone else moved up in level. I stuck in the beginner class with the 5 year olds. When you’re seven and surrounded by a bunch of snot-nosed chump boys, your world is over. Bonafide babies, how dare they?!

Hollywood Stunts Trick Trampoline Class reminded me of the good ole days. I mastered the first 3 tricks no problem. Trampoline Beast Mode. Then I hit flat-line central. Just me and the seat drop, no flips up this invisible sleeve. Continue reading

Center Stage

Most of the time I am pretty happy just slipping by, you know living out the days the way I see fit but without much attention to myself. I do what needs to be done and keep going.

But sometimes I like GLORY. I like spotlights and cat calls and rounds of boisterous applause. There are times when I want to be celebrated. Continue reading

Mustache Gala

Last night I was whisked away by my sweet fiancee to an undisclosed location to take part in a shower for the bride i.e. a party for ME!

It was quite the exciting event as a normal sunday in my life involved breakfast for dinner in my pi’s in front of the t.v…..certainly not a get gussied up and hit the town kind of evening on the regular.

My best friends here in the city (hell, in the world) threw me the party [Thanks Cristina, Sarah, and Gwen!] Complete with a customized menu, table games, a gift exchange, and yes, you guessed it, mustache props, this was one of those rare events I couldn’t have planned better myself. It’s as if my friends can read my mind.

Of course I was having so much fun I neglected to take amazing photos but you know I am not the least bit ashamed. Sometimes its best to abandon the technology and just live it. Y’all, I was in it, every single bit of it. From the questions games, to the toasts, to the unwrapping of much too fancy presents, to the tasting and discussing of the food, it was a mustached good time I will never ever forget.  Continue reading

Foodie Penpal Exchange #1

There is nothing better than arriving home after an especially blah Monday to find a box full of your favorite things on your counter. Miss Connie over at Smitten Foodie may have just boxed up all my the things I love better than I could have done myself, and to think, she doesn’t even formally know me.

Connie is from the Pacific Northwest and chose to showcase her neck of the woods in choosing my treats for the foodie penpal exchange (any interested participants should click the link and sign up for next month’s exchange). I think a trip out west is in serious order. Hey Connie, might you have a room in your home for me?! Continue reading


In my alternate life I am a badass candy apple red driving scooter girl. I am, I am, I swear.
And I life in that brownstone in the tree-lined West Village. And I have two french bull dogs. And I make millions of billions of dollars writing about my (mis)adventures.

In my real life, I have no scooter. I have no brownstone. I have neither two nor one dog. And I am so far from millions it’s laughable.

Hold fast to your dreams for one day they WILL come true.